Tourism in Comarca del Jiloca (Teruel)

Juniperus thurifera in Blancas


From the Alto Campanar viewpoint in Blancas, you can see some oak species like the Juniperus thurifera from which stand out among others the one called “Sabina de Blancas”. It is a monumental tree that could be 2.500 years old and it supposes to be a sign of the kind of forest that would predominate in this area before it became a farmland.

It has 8 metres high and a trunk perimeter of 4 metres too. The diameter of the top of this tree takes 13 metres.

To find the tree you can follow the trip at any of the links below.

Ruta a al sabina de Blancas Ruta a la sabina de Blancas Ruta a la sabina de Blancas
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 Millenary Juniperus thurifera of Blancas


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