Tourism in Comarca del Jiloca (Teruel)

Pyrenean oak of the shady spot (Rebollo de las Umbrias)

Rebollo de las Umbrías de Barrachina

It is located in Barrachina, on the low side of a soft slope which ends on the bank of the Pancrudo river and very close to a young Pyrenean oak forest. In order to access it, you would have to take a path that goes from the village to the river at the same entrance to Barrachina. The river must be crossed by taking a quite deteriorated walkway and continue 300 hundred metres, then at the turn of a bend on the stream bed, you will finally find the “Rebollico de las Umbrías”. The exact place of the Pyrenean oak can be determined by the coordinates UTM 30 T 6562214528409.

The “Rebollico las Umbrías” is 11,5 metres tall, almost three of them belong to the trunk and the rest to the foliage. Is has a big hole at the bottom of the trunk which is about 1 metre high and it may be able to hold two people.

rebollo de las umbrias

By the thickness of its trunk and the microenvironmental conditions, it can be considered to be about 400 years old, becoming one of the best oak specimen at Jiloca territory.

You can download some of the different tracks to reach the location of the Pyrenean oak:

Rebollo de las Umbrias Rebollo de las Umbrias Rebollo de las Umbrias
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