Tourism in Comarca del Jiloca (Teruel)

Torrijo del Campo

vista_torrijo_generalArriving to the township of Torrijo, several magnificent black poplars seem to escort you to the entrance. Once in town the most striking element is the church tower, not only because of the beauty on its decoration, but also because its dimension which make this tower to be considered as the tallest among others in Comarca del Jiloca.

The church of St. Pedro is, without any doubt, one of the main patrimonial elements as well as the chapel of St. Barbara.

Having a walk through its streets you will find historical buildings such as an ancestral home from the XVIII century at the entrance of the town, or the arch preserved in the ancient Casa Grande, together with others from the XX century. In the proximities of the town you can see the ancient flour mill, which is out of use but still preserve the simple bridge to access it and a grazing land with black poplars in the surroundings.

parque_torrijoTorrijo del Campo is a village with a strong tradition around the “jota” (spanish dance) and handcrafts. Thanks to the cultural association called “Torrijo del Campo”, it has been possible to recover an ancient tradition related to the harvest and threshing tasks, by having a special day every two years just dedicated to these labors, which contributed to the economic development of the population in Comarca del Jiloca during the past years.

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