Tourism in Comarca del Jiloca (Teruel)

Rubielos de la Cérida

rubielosbordeRubielos de la Cérida is the town with the highest altitude in the Comarca del Jiloca. It is surrounded by the Parish Church of Saint Miguel, of a Gothic-Renaissance style.

Well known and curious in the area is the story, -almost like a legend-, about the appearance of a chasm called “El Charco” in the town centre. Also a wetland today recovered, has a resting area with benches and a picnic area.

Slightly further away from the town centre is located the Old Fountain, an example of a fountain from the Modern Era in a good state of conservation.

But undoubtedly one of the most significant tourist attractions that welcomes more visitors every year are the trenches, one of the best preserved remains from the Civil War in the entire area.

trincherasbordeThese trenches are 480 metres length, along those there are 58 shooting positions, several machine guns nests and even a bunker excavated in the stone. 

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More information: Town Council of Rubielos de la Cérida or  Cultural Association of Amigos de Rubielos de la Cérida



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