Tourism in Comarca del Jiloca (Teruel)


panoramica_peracenseIts strategic location between Aragon and Castile determined the construction of an spectacular castle, which southern face is the entrance door to the neighboring Comarca de Albarracín.

The nearby mountain, called “cerro of San Ginés”, is considered as one of the highest peaks of the Comarca del Jiloca having 1601 metres.

It has a characteristic landscape with outcrops of rodeno rocks (reddish limestone rocks), that gives uniqueness to the landscape and favours the panoramic views, as in the case of the viewpoint of the Peracense Castle, from which you can see the castle in its plenitude. It is also singular, the centenary kermes oak species of more than 11 metres high and 610 cm of perimeter on the trunk.

Not less important is having a walk around the village, as you will see its architectonic heritage from which stand out: The Parish Church of St. Pedro, the modern Chapel of the Villeta, the fountain and the City Council. There are also some well preserved ancestral homes like the one called “casa de Don Pepe” or another called “casa de Don Pascual”.

GayubaYou will also enjoy a varying gastronomy and be able to buy its famous honey, made from the flowers of the “gayubazo” and the lavender, both proven and attributed medicinal properties.


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