Tourism in Comarca del Jiloca (Teruel)

Monreal del Campo

panoramica_monrealThis town has been always linked to the cultivation of saffron, tradition that  still continues today and is reflected in the Saffron Monographic Museum, located in one of the most important ancestral homes of the village. Through a guided tour, it is explained all the cultivation process as much as all the traditions associated to that. 

The village has a great variety of architectural buildings worthy of visiting like the church dedicated to the Natividad of Nuestra Señora and the Tower, located in the place that was occupied once by the castle, fortress that was destroyed during the Carlist wars in the XIX century. Also, the village has several ancestral homes such as the “Casa Mateo”, “Casa de las Beltranas” or best known as the Culture Centre and the “Casa de los Mateo Gilbert”. Other significant elements are the ancient Hospital of Saint Jose where there is a park decorated with farm tools, also La Salle School, the preserved remains of the “Molino Alto” and the “Molino Bajo”, the chapels of the Virgin del Carmen and Saint Juan Bautista, and the known Fountain “del Caño”. 

For nature lovers, we suggest you a walking through the natural environment to admire the “Ojos de Monreal”, which are natural springs that look like eyes on its shape seeing from the air, and it is the source of the Jiloca river.

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