Tourism in Comarca del Jiloca (Teruel)

El Poyo del Cid

Cerro San EstebanThis small town located just 5 kilometres away from Calamocha, is placed next to an ancient Celtiberian-Roman settlement and an important archaeological site, the San Esteban hill, with a chapel on its top of the same name, and a destacable place with an spectacular viewpoint from where it can be seen many villages located on the Jiloca Valley.

At the entrance of the town, which is historically linked to the Cantar of Mío Cid (as it was mentioned in this literary work and also gives name to the village), there is a statue of the Cid Campeador that welcomes the town. On the basis of this fact, a recreational festival called “The Cid´s Encounter” has been consolidated and year by year every June, it gathers hundreds of visitors around.  A medieval market is set up and several performances through the streets of the town are represented.

IglesiaThe most important architectural buildings of the town are mainly religious. The Parish Church of Saint Juan Bautista and the Chapel of Virgin del Moral, patron saint of the town and located in the road that links to the vicinity of Fuentes Claras and very close to the ancient remains of the washer of wools that are still preserved.

Outstanding among the civil buildings is the House-Palace of the XVI century.

El Poyo del Cid towards the vicinity town of Fuentes Claras, share the area of the wetlands called “Los Ojos”, a natural spring network connected one after the other by means of canals that were used in the past for irrigation.

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