Tourism in Comarca del Jiloca (Teruel)


Panoramica de CutandaYou are in Cutanda, a historic town due to its famous battle that occured in the spring of 1120, between the Alfonso I El Batallador´s army and the Almoravids. It likely took place in the area called “las celadas” as reflects the toponymy of the area. You will be close to that area when you visit the peiron of Saint Cristobal in the way out to Navarrete and you would imagine the cruelty of that moment, whose victory meant for the christians to dominate almost the entire area of the South Ebro.

Mensula con dos bolas, piedra reutilizada del arranque de bobeda del Castillo

We suggest you a tour starting from the Parish Church of the Asuncion Nuestra Señora, and then a walk through its streets so you can see the use of stone to build their houses, that have been taken from the castle, as you can notice easily in the marks left by the stonemason. Some of these pieces of quarried stone are vaults base, a corbel with two balls and even a cruciform loophole. You can continue to the ruins of the castle and enjoy its viewpoint with a beautiful panoramic to the village and colorful lands,  to finally go to the departure points of the village where you would see the peirones, recently restored in different architectural styles.

Baile de San Roque de Cutanda a su paso por la Ermita de San JuanIf you plan your visit on 16 August, you may have the opportunity to participate on the procession of the Saint Roque´s Dance.

Slightly further away at about 3,5 kilometres you can enjoy beautiful views from the area of the chasms, where the land is breaking down and it looks like if we were in the middle of a paused earthquake.


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