Tourism in Comarca del Jiloca (Teruel)


Calle CastellanaVisitors who come to Calamocha, which is the nerve centre of the Comarca del Jiloca, should get a tour around the village reliving its old history reflected on its ancestral homes such as Palaces on the “Calle Mayor”, the “Casa de los Rivera”, the “Casa Marina” and the “Casa de Valero Bernabé”, also its chapels such as Santa Barbara (place of pilgrimage), Saint Roque and Saint Cristo, and lets not forget about the convent, occupied until 2005 and dedicated to Saint Miguel Arcangel.

Also indispensable in a walk around the town is taking a look to the canopy of the Church of Santa María la Mayor, which is unique in its style in the province and object of a curious story.

Portada IglesiaAlthough Calamocha is usually associated with cold temperatures as it registered the most extreme temperature in Spain during winter, it has many touristic and leisure alternatives for the visitor.

Some of the most emblematic places can be found at the Jiloca river bank such as the Roman bridge, the fountain of the forest, the washer of wools or the blankets factory, which is one of the latest remains of the ancient industry of Calamocha. The old windmill and the hammer complete the tour towards the river until arriving to the Rafael Angulo municipal park, a place of recreation of the neighbours in Calamocha.

Baile de San Roque

One of the elements that have been important in the dissemination of Calamocha has been the “Saint Roque´s typical dance”, declared as Festival of Tourist Interest in Aragon since 2012 and best reflects the widespread feeling of the inhabitants in the town. This dance is performed in honor to the patron saint of the village, “Saint Roque”, and it is held annually during the days 16 and 17 August, attracting many tourists arrived from different regions of the country. 

In its variety of annual exhibitions, the visitor will enjoy of themed activities as different , like hunting and fishing, car tuning, collectibles or erotic exhibitions.

Monumento San Roque

Calamocha is also one of the main producers of the Designation of Origin ham of Teruel, and that is reflected in its gastronomy.

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