Tourism in Comarca del Jiloca (Teruel)

The Pancrudo River

chopera PancrudoThe Pancrudo River defines an extraordinary landscape of 46 kilometres long, that goes from its origin in Pancrudo until its mouth in the right margin of the Jiloca River.

Shortly before its mouth in Luco de Jiloca, it crosses a magnificent bridge which is possibly from the Roman Era.

In this environment, you will enjoy of a quiet walk going through a river with a Mediterranean character (with its maximum volume in Winter-Spring and strong low water levels during Summer). Along the river course it has rows of black poplars surrounding the river.

río pancrudoThe “chopo cabecero” is a variety of the black poplar being unique in Europe, as for its singularity in the pruning of its branches, as for the extension of the forests and even pastures. Their branches were used as beams to hold structures and its exploitation has a great cultural and ethnological value because they symbolize the traditional uses of the raw material of the territory.  

In the limestone banks that demarcate the valley, there are reforestation forests with lacking vegetation. The thyme and gorse exceed over a disafforested and not much productive land, with some bushes and junipers increasing.

As for the fauna, it stands out the presence of the native trout, reduced in isolated places, although it is possible to fish in the policy “catch and relieve” at some sections. You can also observe roe deers and mountain goats in the ravines, golden eagles and griffon vultures.



It is an itinerary specially recommended in Autumn as the black poplars and willows show a beautiful reddish and copper-coloured landscape.

You can download the tracks over the following links:

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