Tourism in Comarca del Jiloca (Teruel)

A tour through the high moorland in Blancas


Alcaraván. Foto: R.Pérez

This walk is specially prepared for the visitor to know one of the best preserved Iberian wastelands in the Aragon region, and also, to be able to observe typical steppe birds from this environment.

The walkway starts from the Blancas village. It is 10 kilometres long and it can take about 3 or 4 hours of a calm walk as they are required in this kind of activity.


This itinerary is just a suggestion, because it can be shorten or even been modified by visiting other places also interesting at the wasteland from other localities around such as Torralba de los Sisones, Odón or Villalba de los Morales.

You can see the map of the route or download the track at any of the links below.

Paramera de Blancas Recorrido paramera de Blancas Recorrido por la paramera de Blancas
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Alondra de Dupont. Foto: M.A. Bielsa

The first hours of the way are the best for listening to the Dupont lark or ´rocín´as it is known in the Aragon region. This bird species that in Europe is just associated to stepped environments of our peninsula, is catalogued as a highly sensitive species to habitat disturbance and needs an ecosystem conservation for its development.

It is a brownish bird, a little bigger than a sparrow with a white strip over the eye, and a very characteristic downward curved beak.

Also, you will be able to listen to the stone curlew, that you may recognize by its fluting whistle.

Ortegas.M.A. Bielsa

Bando de ortegas.Foto: M.A. Bielsa

As soon as the sun rises and the birds activity increases, you may listen to the untiring gurgle of the common lark, whose flight is easily recognized for falling down from high.

At the half way, it is recommendable to go up until the Alto del Campanar viewpoint, as it provides a nice panoramic of the area appart from being home to cliff-nesting birds. From here, you can go to the south, then west near the Horcajo gully, until you got to the starting point. 

As it has been said before, this route is planned either for walking and bird watching. Although, if you are keen on mountain biking you can go all over the area practising this sport throughout the Paramera de Blancas BTT.

MTB around the high moorlands in Blancas