Tourism in Comarca del Jiloca (Teruel)

The Iberian steppe


Little bustard. Picture: M.A Bielsa

The Iberian high moorlands are flat areas occupied by herbaceous croplands alternating with rocky elevations of lacking vegetation. These are one of the most characteristic ecosystem areas but nevertheless less well-known of our province.

They form landscapes of great aesthetic value and shelter bird species of great scientific interest. Is for this reason why the high moorlands have a suitable conservation level protected at European level and designated as Bird Special Protection Areas (or ZEPA areas).

Ganga Ortega M.B. Bielsa

Black-bellied Sandgrouse. Picture: M.A. Bielsa

Comarca del Jiloca has two good examples of these natural environments: The high moorlands of Blancas and the ones of the Campo de Visiedo.

Ornithology lovers should have a obliged visit to these areas as they are perfect for steppe birdwatching, some of them you can see or listen to are: the dupont´s lark, great bustard, sky lark, little bustard, common swift, the black-bellied sandgrouse, stone curlew, etc.

Many of these birds are aloof and difficult to see, that is why is important to know their birdsongs as well as going out into the countryside in the appropriate time and season.


Great bustard. Picture:J.Mañas

For birdwatching it is recommendable to go out in Spring, as from April to the Summer many birds are coming. You should try to stay in these areas in the early hours as birds tend to be more active, so that is much easier to listen to their warbles.  Also, it´s important to take a good optical material, binoculars and a telescope if you have so.

Here are some audio in order to get familiar with some of the steep bird warbles:

alcaravan_rperez terrera-comun-xxx10e220 sison_mabielsa
Stone curlew´s warble Short-toed Lark´s warble Little Bustard´s warble
rocin_mabielsa alondra-comun Ganga ortega M.B. Bielsa
Dupont Lark´s warble Sky Lark´s warble Black-bellied Sandgrouse´s warble


The high moorlands are homogeneous environments and in occasions, if the visitor does not know the place or they are not familiarized with these ecosystems it is possible to not get oriented or either not have a profitable visit as these natural areas does not have any sign posts.

The following are two tours to visit the high moorland of Blancas and the one of Campo de Visiedo starting from Corbatón.

 A tour through the high moorland in Blancas

A tour through the high moorland of Campo de Visiedo


Rocky construction in a high moorland. Picture. R.Pérez


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