Tourism in Comarca del Jiloca (Teruel)

The Mines of Ojos Negros


Sierra Menera is one of the many mountains in the Iberian Mountain Range with over 25 km long and about 15 km wide. It is a meandered mountain range composed by numerous ravines.

Its geology provides this area a distinctive character worth mentioning in the whole Aragonese natural heritage. At the same time, it means a natural element that has left a mark in the lives of the local residents for a long time and still today a deep wound hard to heal in their memories. (A. Sanz)


The mining operations have shaped a landscape full of contrasts giving an explosion of reddish colors and creating an authentic Martian scenery at some points.

There are some viewpoints around, such as the “Marajosa”, the “Alto del Lobo”, the “Atalaya”, etc. from which you can see beautiful panoramic views.

The visitor will see a clear example of a man-made environment undermined by humans for many centuries in order to extract the iron mineral. This activity has been shaping this area of large craters that now have turned into artificial lakes of great beauty, offering a particular ecosystem which attracts numerous species. It is, in the sculptor Diego Arribas´s own words “A collective sculpture carved by hundreds of humans for almost a hundred years”.

minas de ojos negros

You will enjoy the beauty of the area through a walking route just prepared for the visitor.