Tourism in Comarca del Jiloca (Teruel)

Pyrenean oak forest in Fonfría


The Pyrenean oak forest is found in the north-facing slopes of the La Ería´s peak, at the Site of Community Importance (SCI) Sierra de Fonfría. Actually, it´s more abundant the oak than the Pyrenean oak. It is an attractive natural environment where you can find some temporary and permanent small ponds and it covers both Fonfría and Allueva boundaries.

It is one of the only relatively large oak environments we have in Comarca del Jiloca, due to man made actions who had used this lands for cultivation.

This forest area is important by its density and also, because of the growth of some plants species like the “narcissus eugeniae”. The conservation status of this forest is good enough, taking into account the tree felling that had occurred during decades. Nevertheless, it is recovering properly having some 7 metres long trees.


In this oakwood, there are native bushes usually found in these humid deciduous forests such as the hawthorn, lantana, blackthorn and honeysuckle. There are some unusual and delicate plants beneath the limbs like the narcissus, geranium, and lady orchid. Also, lichens and mosses are plentiful.

The fauna includes the roe deer and the wild boar. There are plenty of fungi. In this way, hunting and mushroom picking are one of the main activities of these forests.


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