Tourism in Comarca del Jiloca (Teruel)

The Arguilay Ravine

The Arguilay Ravine is a very interesting natural environment located in the municipality of Báguena. It is one of these magic hideouts you suddenly find out in unexpected locations.

It consists on a deep valley with a “V” shape and with inclined slopes ending up in a rocky wall where water flows down from the upper terrace, sliding over roots, rocks and other elements. Es un profundo valle que tiene forma de “V” con inclinadas laderas que finaliza en un paredón rocoso donde el agua baja desde la terraza superior, deslizándose por raíces, rocas y otros elementos. The upper limestone layers, are dissolved by the rainwater that flows over them finding several metres downhill with impermeable clays. These clays oblige water to sprout in the way of natural springs. Another beautiful spot where occurs the same natural phenomenon is the Aguallueve, in the nearby town of Anento.



At the lower part of the ravine, in the proximities of Báguena, the southern slope has a wider coverage of plant with plentiful kermes oak, whereas in the north side there are abundant fruit trees and vineyards.  

In other areas, the slopes suffer from a serious erosion, that´s why pine trees have been planted in order to protect the ground. It reduces the number of dangerous floods very frequent in the town of Báguena.

In the forest glades and edges grew bushes like the wild rose and the wild jasmine.


Fauna ArguilayAs for the animals, during the day you can see wild boars, turtledove, robin, finch, and some others. Also, there are long-tailed lizards, subalpine warblers and bonelli´s warblers. It is not strange to see the sparrow hawk alighted over some branch trying to stalk a prey, and if you pay attention to the rocks  you can see griffon vultures, kestrels, and mountain goats.

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