Tourism in Comarca del Jiloca (Teruel)

Rodeno Landscapes

peracense_13ret (Copy)Rodeno” is the name given in this area to the reddish sandstone.

The sandstones are sedimentary rocks from the Triassic Era, that were deposited 200 millions of years ago in wide river basins. The iron and magnesium minerals, present on the rodeno are responsible of its characteristic and peculiar reddish color, that not only have conformed a natural landscape full of beauty, but also have served as an identification mark of the villages which always have used the rodeno as construction material to build their houses because of its beauty and easy handling.

peracense_24ret (Copy)A special mention should be made of the Peracense Castle, enclosed over a wide rocky peak emerged of rodeno and built from this kind of rock, in a way that gets perfectly camouflaged with the landscape in a natural way.

The peculiar shape of the rodeno rocks is due to tectonic factors that have marked some lines of weakness by external phenomenons like wind, water and climatology, which have cooperated in the formation of outcrops of great beauty and colorfulness. It is common to find several rocks stacked up creating curious formations of which the popular tradition have named and given a self-identity such as: “El granero de Mototo”, “La piedra del Tormo”, etc.

peracense_02ret (Copy)In the middle of these rocks grow specific plants from these mountains like the yellow camomile. There are also specific birds  home of rocky territories like the falcon and the Egyptian vulture. In the hillsides of a better soil there are kermes and pyrenean oaks.

The beautiful color of these rocks contrast with the green color of the fields and the bushes of the hillsides.

The presence of the rodeno, starts in Sierra Menera and continues in the neighbour Sierra de Albarracín where, together with the pine forests, have resulted in spectacular landscapes under special protection.


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