Tourism in Comarca del Jiloca (Teruel)

Jiloca Wetlands


The wetlands are areas of the land surface that are temporarily or permanently flooded and regulated by climatic factors. These are under constant interrelations with the living beings that stay there.

The Jiloca wetlands go through the valley, starting in Cella in its origin and continuing in Villarquemado with the Cañizar pond.

In Monreal del Campo is where it can be considered the real beginning of the Jiloca River in the spring called “Los Ojos” and then in Caminreal another natural spring called “Los Ojos de la Rifa”.

In Fuentes Claras, the waters of the Jiloca River are forked into two big ditches and close to the road you can see “the Ojos” of Fuentes Claras – El Poyo del Cid.

HumedalesAlso in Fuentes Claras, there is a curious and special way to make the most of the water that flows in the subsoil of Fuentes Claras, by using what is called “pesqueras”.

We finally arrive to Gallocanta, while not a spring like the rest of the wetlands of the Jiloca, it is worth to be appointed, as it is a unique wetland in Spain, catalogued by different categories of environmental protection at national and international levels, it is home of a great biodiversity specially of bird species.


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“Ojos” (Eyes) or natural springs: Water spouts associated to swampy areas.

They are abundant in the Iberian Mountain Range.

It stands out the “Ojos” in:

  • Monreal del Campo
  • Caminreal
  • Fuentes Claras- El Poyo
  • The Cañizar pond between Villarquemado and Cella.