Tourism in Comarca del Jiloca (Teruel)

Chevrons at the Oriche Mountain Range


The Chevrons are geological formations associated to the presence of large faults in the area (folds), that have the same orientation and very tight flanks that reminds us an accordion. They are deformations of stratified rocks due to the compression efforts, also to their plastic qualities and to the high pressure conditions that makes them undulating, specifically of an anticline type.

chevrons_esquema de anticlinal

Diagram of an anticline

These stratums can be eroded and dismantled, remaining big bended layers that penetrate into the land. The action of the water creates characteristic gullies in form of a “V” letter by the presence of alternating layers of different hardness. 

In this area, these formations are due to the presence of materials from the Mesozoic Era, concretely limestones and loams constituting the Oriche Mountain Range and creating a spectacular and unique landscape: the chevrons, that you will be able to see in almost all its extent from the Fonfría Mountain Range.

They are qualified as Point of Geological Interest by the Aragon Natural Network.