Tourism in Comarca del Jiloca (Teruel)

Saffron Monographic Museum

monreal_19retoc (Copy)The Saffron Museum aims to prevent the culture and tradition of this type of crop that, years before, was vital for the economy of the area.

It is possible to visit the centre almost every day of the year or make an appointment in advance just in case. The building is located in Monreal del Campo ´s Main Square and it is placed on the second floor. This building that used to be a school, was refurbished at the beginning of the eighties to house the exhibition, the library and activities-exhibition rooms.

azafrán extendido_600x450The saffron has a long term history: the Egyptian, Greek and Roman used to appreciate its virtues in order to worshipped their Gods, also for the treatment of some sickness and to dye fabrics. The Arab entered the crops in our peninsula, where it was already known, as S. Isidora de Sevilla talks about it. Today it is cultivated in Asia, Middle East, Greece, Italy, North Africa and Spanish arid lands like in Jiloca.

Until 1936, in Spain , saffron had been extended over the provinces of Albacete, Alicante, Baleares, Ciudad Real, Cuenca, Guadalajara, Murcia, Navarra, Soria, Teruel, Toledo, Valencia y Zaragoza. After that date, the croplands were reduced and nowadays are limited to La Mancha, Valencia and Teruel regions.

Cedazo para tostar_600x450The objects in this museum have been donated by the population, and it owns more than 150 pieces that cover all the processes of this crop, from the preparation of the land to seed, to the sale of the product, passing through the harvest and “esbrine” of the flower, brown and weigh. All these processes are illustrated with pictures.

The Saffron Museum that lies in the simplicity, reflects a crop that tends to disappear, and exhibits in a simple way, the tasks related to this appreciated and at the same time unknown product, with the purpose of showing the visitor the secret world of the saffron.

The museum, tends to be an Ethnological Interpretation Centre to study with rigor and method, inside and outside our borders, the complex social and economic universe that surrounds the “crocus sativus”.


Tuesday to Saturday:

11.00-14.00h. morning

17.00-20.00h. evening.

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