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Roman Culture Interpretation Centre

caminreal (24) (Copy)retThe Interpretation Centre of the Roman Culture in Caminreal, CICAR, is a didactic and attractive museum area, through which we can discover how life was 2.100 years before, in the midst of the Roman era. It is located in a beautiful building made on stone ashlars and a wooden roof, inaugurated in 1902 as railway station, and usually called Estación Vieja, it was totally refurbished and adapted.

The Centre offers the possibility to visit the ruins of the ancient Roman town called La Caridad, located at about 500 metres to the South from the Interpretation Centre.

mosaico cicar_675x450

During the visit, that will be explained by a specialist, you will have the chance to go through some of its streets and houses, as it shows since the 1st century B.C.

A special attention is dedicated to the House of Likine, a huge house decorated with beautiful mosaics, which have been preserved on-site.

caballo cicar_450x604

Once in the Centre, the visitor can admire a mockup of the house and a recreation of one of its rooms.

The visits are proposed for family tours, groups, associations, adapting the content to the interests of anyone. In this case, it is possible to be accompanied during the tour by personal from the Interpretation Centre.

This centre, driven by the Town Council of Caminreal, together with the collaboration of the Aragon Government, Comarca del Jiloca and the Provincial Council, was opened in 2008 and it is equipped with the best learning resources in order to offer the visitor a vision of the territory in which it is established.

interior cicar

At some rooms it is offered a valuable information to have a better comprehension of the Roman world and the Archaeological Site of La Caridad, throughout mockups, aerial photographies, reproductions of archaeological pieces, real size recreations, audiovisuals, shop and activity rooms that provide a vision of the settlers of the site (structural systems, housing and domestic life) and the surrounding areas (economic activities), army and the destruction of the city, as well as archaeological investigation.

These methods let us spread the Celtiberian-Roman world, by means of an enjoyable and entertaining way, and at the same time it allows us to divulge the research carried out in this Archaeological Site.

The following video will show you some images of the interiors of the Interpretation Centre:


Camino de la Estación s/n, Caminreal, Teruel, Spain. Please, for visits make an appointment by calling next telephone number: 620 86 30 77.

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