Tourism in Comarca del Jiloca (Teruel)

Monforte Castle ruins


During the XI century, Monforte and its castle supposed a strategic place for the muslims. When the castle shifted into Christian hands, Galín Sanz (Belchite´s Sir,) was appointed Lieutenant by Ramón Berenguer IV in acknowledgement of the assistance provided by the council troops in that place (1153).

The castle is located in a slope from which they could dominate the locality. Nowadays, the preserved remains are just two towers in a circular plan and built in ashlar. The best preserved tower is the one which has circular shape, although internally it has a quadrangular one and without any door to access it. This curious shape leads us to believe that it underwent several changes along the decades. The another tower, almost reduced to its base, was smaller. The size of the enclosure suggests that perhaps it could exist more towers on it, today disappeared.

At any of the links showed below, you can download different tracks which go all over the ruins of the castle, as well as other interesting elements in Monforte.

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