Tourism in Comarca del Jiloca (Teruel)



Teruel´s typical ham

Jiloca´s cuisine is eminently traditional as it has known how to take advantage of using local products, including Calamocha´s ham or Monreal del Campo´s typical saffron. 

One of the initiatives that is about giving value to the local products, with the further objective of creating a circle encouraging consume that benefits the majority of the entrepreneurs from the tourism and agri-food sector, it has been the Comarca del Jiloca´s Tapas Contest, in which the winners of every edition receive a distinction in order to promote their establishments.

At the same time, this initiative launched over two weekends in March, has the intention to strengthen a gastronomic offer as a tourist attraction for the territory.



The recipe book includes typical dishes of our region, where you can enjoy delicious and varied combinations like the “farinetas con torreznos”, beans with hare, chicken fricassée, salmorejo (tomato soup) with eggs, mushrooms with scrambled eggs, garlic soups, morteruelo (hot meat paté), crumbs with grapes, porridges, ham with tomato, pickling rabbit and quail, lamb stew, pig´s trotters with tomato, and a wide range of simple recipes with pleasant tasting. Mention also needs to be made of the canned food preserved in olive oil (pork shoulder, ribs and sausages) and dry sausages made on this area.  

Roasted lamb (ternasco) with fried potatoes, Aragonese fry or salmorejo with eggs are most of the demanded dishes in this shire which reflects the native gastronomy.


Variety of mushrooms

In addition, special attention must be devoted to our different kind of mushrooms, plentiful in our mountains, which are an attractive product for many people coming every year to collect them.

There are many products such as the borage and thistles, that are boosted thanks to the favorable climate conditions and through the kindness of the land which bring them an exquisite flavour.

It is also interesting the honey made in a craft way, the nuts wine and the “retacía” (cherry liquor).

miel de Báguena

Baguena´s typical honey

Based on traditional products, the gastronomy of this shire has become in a great tourist attraction.

The high quality on all its products result in a culinary delight for the enthusiasts of the good cuisine.  

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