Tourism in Comarca del Jiloca (Teruel)

Religious events

matraca_ recorteComarca del Jiloca is a destination with a lot to offer when it comes to a religious tourism issues. By tradition, Easter holds the first position in the offer of this kind of tourism in our region.


Easter is celebrated practically in every village, but it stands out specially in the locality of Calamocha, as for the number of participants as for the number of activities that take place during those days in the village.

Another ancient tradition for many years that gather hundreds of visitors from the entire area, are the romeria or pilgrimage, mostly taking place in May.


Pilgrimage to the Virgen de la Silla Chapel

Some of them stand out by its uniqueness, like the one of the penitents in El Poyo del Cid, the procession of the penitents in Fuentes Claras or the romeria to the Santo Cristo´s chapel in Ojos Negros. Others by the number of the towns participating on the same day, such as the ones in the sanctuaries of the Virgin of the Silla in Fonfria, the Virgin of Pelarda in Olalla or the Virgin of the Carrasca in Blancas. 

Also, in Fuentes Claras is possible to listen to the “albadas” during the month of September, one of the few songs of this type that still alive currently.


Blessing the fields from the windmill in Ojos Negros. Picture: A. Villén