Tourism in Comarca del Jiloca (Teruel)

The Cid´s Encounter in El Poyo del Cid

“Aquél poyo, en él hizo acampada;
mientras que sea el pueblo de moros y de la gente cristiana,
el Poyo de mí­o Cid le llamarán en los mapas.”

Verses 900 and ss. CMC

In the town of El Poyo del Cid, historically linked to the Cantar del Mío Cid, and in which it was mentioned and gave the name to the town, a statue of the Cid Campeador welcome the visitors.

medievales el poyo

According to the Cantar, that cites specifically the locality and attributes the presence of Rodrigo the name of the town, the Cid used the fortress that was built on the top of the San Esteban´s hill in the Middle Ages as the operation centre for his army.

According to historians, towards the Jiloca river at the foot of the San Esteban´s hill, was the place chosen by the Cid after descending with his troops, and the same place has become a military settlement from the medieval era during the recreation which is celebrated every year with lots of visitors.

Craftsman, merchants and bars are set in the Medieval market to exhibit their products during the celebration.


Encounters with El Cid in El Poyo

Different theatrical performances and spectacles take place in the village and many inhabitants and visitors dress up every year becoming one of the most representative recreation celebrations in Comarca del Jiloca.

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