Tourism in Comarca del Jiloca (Teruel)

Recreation festivals

The historical recreation or the living history has turned during the last few years into an important income of tourist wealth. In Comarca del Jiloca exists several recreation festivals celebrated annually at some towns of our region.

medievales (Copy)These festivals are in most cases promoted by several Cultural Associations which are in charge of disclosing year by year the history of their villages, recreating the environment of the period and encouraging the neighbours and visitors to come over, dressing up and participate in the activities with the purpose of reflecting as closely as possible the customs of that time.

In Caminreal, it is possible to get into the Roman Era during the Celtiberian Conferences of the village and in Peracense you will live on the Medieval Era at the Groups Encounter of Historical Recreations; In Ferreruela de Huerva is also celebrated an International Encounter of Historical Recreations of the Classical Antiquity as a dissemination way of these kind of recreations. But, without any doubt, the most inspiring recreation event of our villages has been the Cid´s incursions through our territory.

The Cid´s Encounter in El Poyo del Cid or The Arrival of the Cid in Monforte de Moyuela, bring every year hundreds of tourists to the Medieval times. The visitors come to these towns in order to enjoy a different way of making tourism, with the purpose of learning the activities from the past.