Tourism in Comarca del Jiloca (Teruel)

Harvest and threshing

The Cultural Association “Torrijo del Campo“, seeing how usual labor in all the villages with an eminently agricultural tradition have been almost forgotten, it has dedicated a day to the harvest and threshing. It is a celebration that takes place every two years, which brings together a great part of the population.


Towards the third weekend of July and in alternate years, the association offers a return to the past, going back to the middle of the 20 century, when harvest and threshing of the cereal lands were manually. In that time, the human endeavor and some animal help were the main tools of our ancestors.


The work day starts with a short lunch and after that, the different workshops related to make ropes and twine begin.

Usually, the event introduces some new features every year, but in general, during the first hours in the morning, the public can enjoy several competitions like the traditional harvest in trios; or at some editions, a professional harvest competition in which the participants show their harvest abilities by using sickle and “zoqueta”.

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The public can observe the tools used for these tasks as well as the attire that people used to wear in order to get protected from the extreme climatic conditions and the hard physical work. 

The visitors can enjoy and participate on the processes of the treatment of the unthreshed grain.

siega 3_450x338This working day pretends to highlight all the tasks that used to be done not too many years ago, that entailed one of the main basis of the economy in Torrijo del Campo and in Comarca del Jiloca. Other activities carried out on this day are a popular meal or an Aragonese traditional music performance with great acceptance among the visitors.

For further information about the celebration, please visit the association´s website.