Tourism in Comarca del Jiloca (Teruel)

Festival of the cranes

festival_excursionThe festival of the cranes was initiated by the Naturalistic Association called “Amigos de Gallocanta” in 1999 began from the contact of the members from this organization with other groups from different European countries that also work for the conservation and study of the cranes and under the transnational cooperation program GRUS.

Since its inception, it has been an event of a naturalistic character with activities related to the conservation, environmental education and traditional culture regarding to the cranes and the Gallocanta lagoon.festival_excursion2

Since 2005, it is celebrated twice a year, the first weekend of November and the first one in February, coinciding with the beginning and the end of the cranes season in the lagoon.

During the festival, they organize activities like trips to see the cranes when leaving the roosting places at sunrise and when coming back at sunset, guided tours around the lagoon, nature exhibitions, workshops for children, concerts and passacaglias with traditional music, etc.festival_grullero_mayor

The most relevant event of the festival with no doubt, is at the February edition, with the “Grullero Mayor” award ceremony, which awards to a person or organization to stand out for promoting the conservation of the environment or social and environmental dissemination actions. Some of the awarded have been Félix Rodriguez de la Fuente (awarded posthumously), the spanish TV program called “El Escarabajo Verde” or the well known journalist and environmental proponent Joaquín Araujo.

For further information about the Festival of the Cranes or other activities organized by the association, you can visit the web site through this link.

Participants at the Congress of the Cranes