Tourism in Comarca del Jiloca (Teruel)



expocalamocha_logo_mediumIt is a general exhibition about industry, agriculture and commerce, selling directly to customers which welcome all kind of companies, as manufacturers as distributors. It is celebrated annually since 1982, and takes place the last weekend of October.

Among all the products, it stands out the ones related with construction machines and materials, agriculture-livestock machines, food and many others.

The visitor´s profile is the wider public and the access is free.

captur_logo_mediumThe hunting, fishing and rural tourism fair will present the latest innovations concerning with this sector, resulting in an exhibition of a great importance for both professionals and enthusiasts of hunting, fishing and rural tourism.

The fair is organized every year since 2002, taking place in March. The nature of the products exhibited are hunting and fishing accessories, sports materials, off-road vehicles and specialized press in this sector.

pin_logo_mediumOn the Christmas children´s park, younger children can enjoy the different activities like trampolines, bouncy castles, merry-go-rounds or video games. Also, they can participate in different workshops for drawing, make-up, marquetry, mobile phones, attending film screening and participating with solidarity activities such as collecting school supplies in order to send it to low-income families with children.

This fair is held every year at the end of December and is aimed at children aged between 2 and 12 who must always be accompanied by an adult.

fishtar_logo_mediumA biannual exhibition that is celebrated in December, opened to the wide public and whose main purpose is gathering manufacturers, distributors, artists, sexologists, restorers, booksellers and other practitioners related to the eroticism world to present the sector latest news.

dinamicar_logo_mediumBiannual fair about tuning and motorbiking concentration with a free entrance. It offers a wide range of performances like speed motorbike races (in a shore flat circuit), a slalom exhibition in asphalt circuit, live performances, showgirls… There is also a large and interior Events Hall in which there are exhibitors from the tuning world, exclusive automobile exhibition showing the newest models launched, also motorbikes and tattoo or vinyl shops.

anticuaris_mediumCalamocha´s Antique Fair attempts to consolidate as an annual fair held in the month of June. Antiquarius visitors will find a commercial showcase of all kind of articles, many of those fell into desuse, some well-known articles and some others not so much. Tools, military implements, furnitures, household items, articles related to leisure, reading matters, collecting and an infinite number of items belonging to earlier times.

Antiques and vintage dealers, restorers, collectors and general public complete the visitor´s profile coming every June to the venue.


ArtemonExhibition that, after a long background, is consolidated and it is warmly received by the general public as from their own town as from others in the region.

It recovers an ancient tradition that dates back to the “Feria Franca” which was given to Monreal del Campo Villa by King Philip V in 1709, and was held coinciding with the feast of St. Santiago Apostle.

In the exhibition you will find food and craftswork products made of different types of materials like leather, paper, wood, fiberglass, fabric…always made with the care of a craftsman.


  •  St. Andres Expo Albayar

cabferiawebThe annual St. Andres Fair is held in Loscos every December. It has a commercial and craftwork nature, covering almost all interests, as you can see or buy products of a very different aspects, prevailing the food industry and those related to craftwork, painting and costume jewelry manufacturer.

But if anything identifies this exhibition is its socio-cultural facet where every year presents a new and significant program, giving prominence to the cultural associations from the area or carrying out host book launches and activities involved in rural issues. It is about business projects that are just starting out and are intended to reactivate the economy of our villages.


  • Livestock and commercial Fair in Torralba

Food industry, craftwork, household items, farming and livestock machines are some of the exhibitors that annually gather at the end of May in this fair at Torralba de los Sisones since 2004.

This exhibition welcomes more and more public every year being fully consolidated among the ones in this sector.