Tourism in Comarca del Jiloca (Teruel)

St. Esteban Hill Viewpoint in El Poyo del Cid

panoramica del mirador del cerro de san esteban

How to arrive:

The viewpoint is accesible by crossing the town of El Poyo del Cid and taking the Cara Tornos Street. The ascent encircles the hill until you arrive to the chapel. The views from there are fantastic as you can see the banks of the Jiloca river and many of the villages passing through it. It is a good idea to take binoculars to be able to see some villages located at the other side of the highway.

Towns you can see from the viewpoint: El Poyo del Cid, Calamocha, Bañón, Rubielos de la Cérida, Fuentes Claras, Caminreal, Torrijo del Campo and Monreal del Campo.

Altitude: 1024 metres above sea level

Coordinates (DATUM WGS84): 40º 52´51.9´´N   001º 20´15.9´´W

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More information: Mío Cid Association



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