Tourism in Comarca del Jiloca (Teruel)

Walking through the Marojal of Olalla

Limite del Marojal con los campos de cultivo

A circular walking route by foot or bicycle from Collados towards the mountain range, passing through the Marojal and going down until Olalla. Then walk back using the road.

On your way you may find and interesting point in the route as a viewpoint, although it may be difficult to reach from where the Collado´s path ends because you will have to go along the edge of some fields to catch it. Once arrived there and looking up, you will be able to enjoy a panoramic view of the mountain range forests and a ravine view by looking down.

Carbonero Comun

Getting inside the Marojal from this point and being quite patient, you can enjoy watching and listening birds species from the Mediterranean environment such as robins, finches, etc.

After that, you can descend until you arrive to Olalla and go back to Collados taking the road.

You can download the track at any of the links below.

Ruta por el Marojal de Olalla Ruta por el Marojal de Olalla Ruta por el Marojal de Olalla
Enlace a Wikiloc Ruta en KML Ruta en GPX

Track del recorrido del paseo por el Marojal de Olalla