Tourism in Comarca del Jiloca (Teruel)

Valhondo Pine forest


Pine forest located on the southern slope of the Fonfría range, in the village of Godos. It is a Scots pine forest with downy oak brushes as the result of reforestation in the last century, therefore, you won´t find high specimens.


This forest is considered a Site of Community Importance in the Fonfría range. SCI that is spreading throughout the towns in Comarca del Jiloca and the coal-mining areas, reaching a total of 11339 hectares.


Inside the pine forest is very common the steppe, the bearberry and juniper. Exceptionally, we find examples of holly and along the river banks there are some dispersed black poplars.

In rainy autumns there are abundant fungus which are characteristic of siliceous soil.

It can be seen a rich and wide forest fauna, such as the Coal Tit or the Common Crossbill, and some other species native to European humid forests that find a refuge in fresher places inside the common Mediterranean atmosphere, as in the case of the Citril Finch, the Great Spotted Woodpecker, the robin and some predatory birds. There are also many roe deers, wild boars and foxes.

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Pinar Valhondo Godos Pinar Valhondo Godos Pinar Valhondo Godos
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