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The Corva rock

It exists in Allueva a curious stone with the shape of a frog, well known by the neighbours as Peña Corva, which is located in the middle of a field just outside town, going out from Allueva to Fonfría. The rock, can be seen from the road, but if you want to see the frog shape, you must get into a path just beside the main road.


During summer, children in the village used to go there for playing and having a snack and it has become more popular since the Cultural Association “Amigos de Allueva”, AVIVAS, posted it on Facebook.

Beside it, there is another stone which may represent other animal depending on the imagination of the ones who observe it.


If you visit the town, don´t forget to make a picture of yourself in these rocks in order to keep a nice memory of your stay.

You can download the track of the route by clicking at any of the links below.

logowikiloc Allueva - Peña Corva (de la rana) Allueva - Peña Corva (de la rana)
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