Tourism in Comarca del Jiloca (Teruel)

PR-TE-15 Tornos-Berrueco-Castejón

It is a circular route that joins the towns of Castejón de Tornos, Berrueco and Tornos, between the Jiloca and Daroca shires. It is 15 kilometres long and is ideal to go through it on foot or by bicycle.

It can be started from any of the towns already mentioned, although in this case, we suggest you to start from Castejón de Tornos, where the PR-TE-15 towards Berrueco is signalled.

Along the route you will go over highly valuable natural areas as it runs across part of the Mounts of the Gallocanta basin SCI, and also, in the stretch between Berrueco and Tornos, a very closed area to the Gallocanta lagoon will be visited.


Appart from nature, you can also visit interesting heritage sites while passing through the towns. Some of them are the peirones, especially the St.Anton one, or the Olmos Virgin´s chapel, both located in Tornos.

You can download the track of the route over the links below.


Tornos - Castejón - Berrueco Tornos - Castejón - Berrueco Tornos - Castejón - Berrueco
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