Tourism in Comarca del Jiloca (Teruel)

Pine forest around Torrecilla del Rebollar


This is a pleasant tour to enjoy the tranquillity and breathing the fresh air of the pine forest. The altitude of the whole way is higher than 1100 metres, and it can be done either by walking or by mountain biking. A trip in which you will go over an extensive and leafy pine forest where the predominant species is the common or scots pine. Some of them are centenary and some others just sprout in a spontaneous spreading way.

The route starts from the village at the Santa Ana´s peiron, from where three paths come out; you should take the first one on the left that leads you towards the field. Immediately, you will cross the Carramonte´s ravine and pass near the fountain of the ponds (“la fuente de las balsas”). Then, you have to take a detour to the right to find soon the Cañada Ramón´s ravine and the newly renovated picnic area.

entre_ pinos

Until here, you will have taken pleasure in watching wonderful views of black poplars, willows along the watercourses, as well as pyrenean and downy oaks alternated with some cereal fields. Afterwards, you will arrive at the pine forest to go all over it and pass through a centenary pine which is located in the Cañarramón´s ravine. You will also find a pond that gives drink to the animals living in the forest.

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Pinar de Torrecilla del Rebollar Pinar de Torrecilla del Rebollar Pinar de Torrecilla del Rebollar
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