Tourism in Comarca del Jiloca (Teruel)

Landscapes of Lanzuela


The mountain ranges at the north of Lanzuela, formed by schists, slates and Paleozoic quartzites eroded by rainwater, which appear colonized in a landscape mixed with pine forests, holm-oak woods, hawthorns and rockroses.

Geologically, this succession of materials is called ´Bádenas formation´, and it is composed by bluish black slates at the time you cut them off, and because of its superficial alteration, they turn into a reddish brown characteristic tone.

These landscapes located in the Barranco de la Peña del Tormo, in the vicinity of the ´catalan´ pond, catch potentially our attention because of their colour, in a rich palette of nuances that can change depending on the time of the year generating an amazing scenery.

lanzuela_paisaje_ctra._badenas (2)

Panorámica desde la carretera a Bádenas

Driving up the road towards Bádenas, this formations are visible on our left and they are even more distinguishable when you get into the paths nearby the catalan pond, standing out this swampy site where the reservoir is.

In order to access to this area, we suggest you to make a 10 kilometres walking route or mountain biking starting from Lanzuela, where you will enjoy the landscape along the whole itinerary, to go back around the Cabezo del Monte. 

These links will help you to complete the track along the route:

Paisajes en Lanzuela Paisajes en Lanzuela Paisajes en Lanzuela
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In addition to these formations and also nearby the catalan pond you can take a path which leads you to Bádenas and runs along the Barranco de las Solanas, where you will find wonderful landscapes among pines and Pyrenean oaks, well worth visiting.



 To travel along these two sceneries, and also visit the towns of Villahermosa, Lanzuela and Bádenas, you can make a route of about 30 kilometres that can be downloaded from wikiloc from this link:

MTB Villahermosa – Bádenas – Lanzuela – Villahermosa

How to get it by car:


You can visit those landscapes from the road that links Lanzuela with Bádenas, where you may find a place to stop the car to the left, and from where you can access to these two areas.

The path that leads us to the Bádenas formation can be found parallel to the road in the direction to Lanzuela, and from there, it starts descending until you find the path that comes from the village (explained in the first route proposed) to the catalan pond.

The path towards Bádenas starts perpendicular to the road, from the place you leave the car.


Catalan pond


Track to Bádenas