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Aguallueve-Anento route

Viñas en el Arguilay

Our tour starts in the small town of Anento, in the neighbouring region of Campo de Daroca, a charming little town located in the head of the ravine which bears its name.

The landscape, excavated in red clay, is characterised by rough walls filled of gaps and fanciful shapes. Soon after you start the route and after leaving behind a fountain, you can turn left to see the castle.


After viewing the landscape you will arrive at the end of the ravine where a water collection basin is situated, also there, you can visit the well known “aguallueves” in which groundwater emerge among the rocks. From this point you can access to the top of the ravine where a Celtiberian tower is located, and finally go back again to Anento village following the crest of the ravine.

Once you have completed the circular part of the track, you may go to the recrenational area of the Barranco de Arguilay, which is a great place to rest. You can take this route either by walking or by car, due to the good condition of the track surface.

Here are some different shortcuts to download the track route.

Ruta Aguallueve - Anento

Ruta Aguallueve - Anento

Ruta Aguallueve - Anento
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