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A walking through the Sabinar of Olalla

Excursión por el Sabinar de Olalla

The route starts from Olalla and takes us through a juniper mediterrean forest. This is a very frequented place ideal for walking. Leaving the car at the entrance to the town, you can continue to the west, going down a path in the middle of fields, until you reach a wooded area near a watering trough, carrying on to the north in the forest.

Sabina muy alta

Then you arrive to a farrowing crate and in few minutes walking you reach another one. It´s when you have to leave the juniper to walk beside the Cenizales ravine passing through a small pond.

The vegetation at this point changes completely, passing along two watering trough and walking now under tall black poplars. Once the gully ends, you can complete the walk going back through the rambla Sabinar.


You can see a more detailed description of the route by downloading the track files clicking on the links above:

Sabinar de Olalla Ruta sabinar Olalla Ruta por el sabinar de Olalla
Enlace a Wikiloc Ruta en KML Ruta en GPX


Trak del recorrido por el Sabinar de Olalla

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