Tourism in Comarca del Jiloca (Teruel)

A walk through the Sabinar of Rubielos

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Within the municipal boundary of Rubielos de la Cérida, there is a marvelous natural environment in which you will be able to observe a great variety of flora and fauna, as well as beautiful landscapes worth to be visited. Leaving the village and continuing along the asphalted path towards Argente, at about 2,5 kilometres and next to a sharp bend, you have to take the dirt track that starts from the right side of the road to get into the southern area of Sierra Palomera SCI (Site of Community Importance), best known as Sabinar de Rubielos. The spanish juniper (Juniperus thurifera) is the only native conifer being able to form forests in the Comarca del Jiloca. The sabinar of Rubielos, mixed at some areas with holm oaks, is one of the largest in Comarca del Jiloca and continues increasing. 

You will also find the “Caño del Gato”, which is a gully excavated in limestone, with sheer rocky walls, juniper trees and holm oaks over it (these trees have been a basic resource for the inhabitants of the village during centuries), it also has abundant species of bushes and mediterrean scrub.


The depths of this gully collects the rainwater which allows the cultivation of crops. From this point, you can access to the gully called “barranco de las Capillas” and having a walk while you stare at its tremendous limestone wall, which is also a paleontological interest zone. Over it, there are limestone formations with rests of brachiopods (bivalve molluscs), ammonites ant other marine animals from the Jurassic age. 

Flying over this landscape you can see birds of prey such as eagles and eagle ows, and being fortunate, it is possible to observe roe deers, wild boars, wild goats or thrush species feeding on the juniper trees fruits.

If you want more information about the route, you can download both short and long walk by using the links provided below.


Ruta Corta Rubielos Ruta Corta Rubielos Ruta Corta Rubielos
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Ruta Larga Rubielos Ruta Larga Rubielos Ruta Larga Rubielos
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