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A walk through the rebollar in Cuencabuena

El rebollar de Cuencabuena desde el Pedronegro

The place is a remarkable floral enclave.

We recommend the visitor a walking route starting and ending at Cuencabuena village, passing through an area called Pedro Negro. It´s an easy route, of 7 km long and about 100 metres of acummulated elevation.

It starts at Cuencabuena, attempting to find the Fuente del Chorrillo path. Once there, you will pass the picnic area continuing this way towards the mountain. You will arrive to a dead end in the way where you will have to turn left to a path that runs between trees and bushes which leads us to the Valdelacebo gully. You have to cross it and then, continue few metres surrounding the boundaries of the fields, until you reach the path that goes down towards the village by the other side of the ravine. Once there, you have to go left until you find the path that goes from town to the Valdejil tip and then turn left to go back to Cuencabuena.

Sierra de Fonfría desde el Pedronegro

The interest about the Pedro Negro area is focused on its vegetal community and as we have commented before, the main community is represented by the rebollar (Quercus faginea), with an understorey where appears species like the hawthorn, the honeysuckle as the Lonicera etrusca, the statice limonium (Colutea arborescens), the rockrose or the steppe.

The herbaceous layer is compossed mainly by the species Bupleurum rigidum, Tanacetum corymbosum, Filipendula vulgaris, Trifolium angustifolium, Dianthus carthusianorum (clavelina), Solidago virgaurea, etc.

Perdices en el camino

The most important ecological interest reside in the rebollar, as it is in an excellent state of conservation, comparing with the degradation of vegetation around as a consequence of the cereal crops. It is also interesting the presence of the Dianthus carthusianorum species commonly known as clavelina, because of its small distribution at Teruel province. This plant is easy recognizable once it flourish, by its purple color characteristic flower.

You can download the track of the route by clicking at any of the links below.

Rebollar de Cuencabuena Paseo rebollar Cuencabuena Paseo por el rebollar de Cuencabuena
Enlace a Wikiloc Ruta en KML Ruta en GPX

Enlace a  Wikiloc del paseo por el rebollar de Cuencabuena


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