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A walk through Cutanda village

Trinquete y Ayuntamiento de Cutanda

We suggest you a walk around Cutanda, using the different Peirones as a guiding theme to plan the track. As they are mainly located on the edges of town, it allows us to go all over it in a 4,5 km circular way, or 6 km if you visit the Santa Barbara peiron as well.


It starts from the peiron at the fountain located in front of the town hall, a building with three arches set it up nowadays as the doctor´s office.

Vistas desde el Castillo de CutandaPaseo_subida_castillo

Then, we will head to the church few metres away to cross the road and walk up a street called “Subida del Castillo”, and a path will take us to the Castle ruins. From that point there is a lookout which is the highest point of the walking route from that you can see Cutanda village and a beautiful landscape all around.

Salida del pueblo, hacia las celadas

You will go down the ruins by taking any of the parallel street you took on the way up, then turn left on the road and keep walking on it until you reach next peiron called “La Virgen del Tremedal” which is attached to a house and still no remodeled.

Peirón de San Cristóbal

Follow the road leaving on the left side la partida de las Celadas, a place where probably happened the Cutanda battle where you may imagine the army with 12000 cavalrymen deployed, according to certain sources. Going down at the end of the straight about 1 km, you will find the next peiron, the San Cristobal´s one.

Cutanda desde el Peirón de San CristóbalTurn right and take the road in a flat way of about 800 metres to the river, to find the San Antón´s peiron, which has a twisted form in order to remember that in that point, every January 17th San Antón´s procession must take the way back.

Peirón de San Antón Cutanda


Vista de Cutanda desde la Fuente Vieja

Cross the river and continue walking up along 400 metres until you meet the old fountain, a place for rest and cool off.

Vista de Cutanda desde el Peirón de San Cristóbal

From here we can go on a visit to the Santa Barbara peiron at a distance of about 1600 metres go and return, from where you will have an excellent viewpoint to the village and then turn back to the old fountain.


Continue the route using the road parallel to the river about 700 metres and then turn right as the same meandering course taking into the vegetation under the black poplars.

Bajo los Chopos, junto al río, final de verano

At this point, in a rainy year, the path and the river can get confussed during a section. About 350 metres from last turn, you will take the last path to the left just before reaching the main road,

Peirón de San Vicente

keep walking for about 150 metres until you arrive the San Vicente peiron with a fountain beside it.

Vista de Cutanda desde el Peirón de San Vicente

From here, you can take either the road or the parallel path to such road (in this last case you won´t have a bridge to cross the river), to go back to the village, leaving on your left the mojón, a great conglomerate of clay and a sabina cross, which since 1884 indicates people arriving to Cutanda, that thanks to San Roque intervention there was never a spread of cholera. After that, to your right, you will see the chapel and the last peiron of the path called San Juan.

Peirón de San Juan Cutanda

To finish the track from the chapel, you can go up the road or just taking the parallel path making a route through the streets of the town, to finally stop in the rural house called “La Paidera”, a nice place to rest with excellent views (specially at sunset) to the river, the old fountain and the Santa Barbara peiron.

Here are some different shortcuts to download the track route:

Paseo por la villa de Cutanda Paseo por la villa de Cutanda Paseo por la villa de Cutanda
Enlace a Wikiloc Ruta en KML Ruta en GPX



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