Tourism in Comarca del Jiloca (Teruel)

A route through the forest and dew ponds in Allueva

Red Natura 2000

The Allueva forests are a protected natural area as they are included in the Sierra de Fonfría SCI, which has a protected area of 499,98 hectares.


At present, most of this area is occupied by pine forests, being mixed with other tree species at some areas. The traditional exploitation of the gall oak and rebollo forests, the firewood and charcoal purposes have been replaced now by reforestation of Pinus sylvestris, Pinus pinaster and Pinus nigra. Nevertheless, between the Allueva and Fonfria boundaries, it is found one of the relatively large downy oak forest in Comarca del Jiloca. Hunting and wild mushrooms picking activities are very common in these forests.


In the interior of the forest there are some dew ponds, remnants of the ancient livestock in the area. These places have a great biodiversity of animal species, allowing the breeding and survival of many animals in times of drought.

We suggest a trip through these forests and dew ponds where you will enjoy the serenity, fresh air and pure sound of nature as well as the diverse flora and fauna species specially at the artificial lagoons.

You can download here the files of the route:

Ruta por los bosques y balsas de Allueva Ruta por los bosques y balsas de Allueva Ruta por los bosques y balsas de Allueva
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