Tourism in Comarca del Jiloca (Teruel)

Hunting and Fishing


Comarca del Jiloca and more in particular the Jiloca and Pancrudo rivers, offer the possibility to practice trout fishing in its different modalities.

The Jiloca river is considered a trout stream until the area of Daroca, where other species are predominant. Luco, El Poyo del Cid and Calamocha are common areas to go trout fishing and you can also find gudgeon, ray-finned, barbel and red swamp crayfish species.

Captura buena

There is a fishing reserve that is located in the section between the bridge in El Poyo del Cid until the confluence of the Pancrudo river. It is managed by the Jiloca River Fishermen´s Association and in this section you can practice any fishing gear, while in others is required the catch and release policy by means of fly fishing. The association carries out periodic repopulations of fario trout. Fishing permits are available at the bar in Hotel Lázaro, Hotel Fidalgo and the Cultural Society of Calamocha.

The Pancrudo river from its mouth to the detour towards Cutanda is a free section for catch and release, and from this section to its source it is considered a fishing ban. 

Although the trouts of this river are not so big, they look beauty and may not be easy to cheat and caugh!



In despite of the current regulations that do not facilitate to hunt freely, and the restrictions in relation to belong to many hunting preserves, there is an exceptional place in Comarca del Jiloca located in the boundaries of the Sabinar de Villarejo which is a private hunting reserve ideal for hunting enthusiasts.

 More information, private hunting reserve at Navarrete del Río.

Once a year, every March, Calamocha celebrates a fair called CAPTUR. It is about hunting, fishing and rural tourism.