Tourism in Comarca del Jiloca (Teruel)

Peracense – Gallocanta Lagoon route

This path runs through the west side of the region. The traveler can admire the grandeur of the Castle of Peracense and get a wonderful view from its top. 

The Peirons, the city hall in Villar del Salz, the iron mine and the old windmill in Ojos Negros, the Paramera of Blancas and also its Parish church, the Virgen of Carrasca´s chapel, the ancestral houses, churches and chapels in Odón, Bello and castle of Tornos; all these elements complete the patrimonial offer over the route. It should not be forgotten the Gallocanta lagoon, which is famous for its cranes, and considered the biggest natural lagoon of the Iberian Peninsula, with over two hundred species of birds. An ornithological paradise that is well explained in the Interpretation Centre located in Bello.

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