Tourism in Comarca del Jiloca (Teruel)


Just get carried away by the river….

Immerse yourself in Comarca del Jiloca

Comarca del Jiloca is located in one of the most attractive natural settings of Teruel province, between the historical town of Daroca and the special landscapes of the Albarracin Mountain Range. The Jiloca river gives its name and flows through its lands, thus constituting the backbone of the territory.

grullas Unique natural sites

Forests, rivers such as Jiloca, Pancrudo and the Nogueta, extensive stepped areas, the incredible landscapes of Sierra Menera, the Serranía of Cucalón, or the wetlands with International Importance like the Gallocanta Lagoon.

A journey into history

In the Jiloca district, you will be able to travel through time by visiting the Paleozoic Seas Museum, or going back to the Roman times in La Caridad Archaeological Sites, then passing through the Medieval Peracense Castle, until you reach our most recent history as you enter into the Civil War Trenches.

Avutarda_Rodrigo Pérez  A biodiversity paradise

The great diversity of ecosystems in this area reveals a large variety of distinctive flora and fauna. Due that, a large portion of this territory has been worthy of being catalogued as SCIs and SPAs at European Level. 

Top-quality gastronomy

Our ham (classified as Designation of Origin), and the superior quality of our saffron, both together with our dry sausages and our rich areas in fungi species, reflect the most representative products of the gastronomy specific to this region.